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Allow me to take the time to cook for you so you're able to enjoy the things that bring you joy.
​Food has always been this incredible source that has brought my family and friends close together followed by so many great memories over the years. Squeezing in around a crowded table or gathering around the kitchen island has always been second nature. My family has always entertained and I love that I can continue with the love of entertaining with a good meal. I have two philosophies with food: you are what you eat and one should never go hungry. I want to be able to bring the idea that food should be fun into your home. My father-in-law once said if you don't love what you're cooking it's not going to taste good. I believe that whole heartedly. You really have to make the time to prepare and cook what you're later going to feed and nourish your bodies.
Thyme was a thought from my early twenty somethings and I always had a goal to write a book. The years continue to pass by and there might not be a book (just yet), but my vision is growing more and more each day. Thyme stands for time has you manipulate experiences. I believe no matter where you are or who your with, timing is everything. Whether you're throwing together dinner in a hurry or taking a fourth attempt at homemade scones (I know I've been there many times) time is there to manipulate the outcome. I constantly have to remind myself that just because I follow a recipe to a tee doesn't mean it's going to turn out perfectly the first time...or the second...or even the third.  
​Cooking is a craft that is constantly honed each and every time you're doing so. I love that I can now put my own spin on dishes without having to follow a recipe (sometimes). I also love that the same dishes I've been making over the years continue to get better and better.

I went to Kendall College and studied culinary arts. Being there opened so many doors for me. I was able to study and learn from some of the best chefs and teachers. I was also able to live and study abroad in both the south of France and all around Spain.  
You are what you eat doesn't always involve food. Whether you're taking in a good book, listening to amazing music or finishing off the last of your own birthday cake, everything contributes to your mood, state of being and your own health and wellness. Just a few years ago I decided to expand on what I learned in culinary school and attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. It's a holistic health coaching program that teaches that there's more than just food that makes up your health and wellbeing. The mind, body and spirit need to be aligned and balanced too.


Time has allowed me to manipulate so much to be grateful for. Just as you need to be patient with a good soufflé, you need to be patient for the good in life.


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